Exterior cladding panels quickly from stock

Pre-painted exterior cladding panel on the plot in up to 3 days. Are you interested in a finished surface right away or would you prefer to pick up a paintbrush in the summer?

1. Pre-painted, no on-site painting and 10-year warranty

Siparila TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels are fully pre-painted. After installation, you can immediately start working in the yard and the façade will withstand wind, rain and sun for up to 20 years. Siparila TOPCOAT is a durable alternative to exterior cladding that is fully pre-painted and water cannot damage the wood, even from the fixing marks. TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels are fixed with hooks.

Choice of 2 shades; white and grey

  • No painting after installation
  • Unnailed surface
  • 10-year maintenance-free paint guarantee

2. Traditional exterior cladding with a durable surface

SILVER exterior cladding is single primer and topcoat. SILVER exterior cladding panels are traditionally nailed on top of the panel and require one more coat of paint on site to withstand the weather. Choose from a range of exterior paint colour charts.

  • Repainting the façade after installation
  • 10-year maintenance-free paint guarantee.

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