Grey wall panel creates timeless style!

The grey wall panel has taken on a prominent role at the Villa Vaeltaja, which has risen to the top of the Levi Mountains in Lapland. Tila Saimaa's Tiina Lahti, who was responsible for the interior design, has combined the pearl grey STRUKTUURI panel with Laattapiste's light Conrpoj tile range in the dining room, living room and washrooms.

In the sauna, the peaceful atmosphere is continued by the HAAPA sauna panel, which is tinted in an translucent grey, with a causal pattern that glows like the northern lights in indirect lighting. The USVA wall panel adds a touch of mysticism to the toilets, without breaking the peaceful atmosphere of grey. See photos and read the full story in Great Kitchen & Bathroom HousingExtra 1/2017

Grey adds contrast to the interior without breaking the timelessness of the interior

A grey wall panel works perfectly as a calm border for the more colourful interior of your home. You'll find many options for grey interior panels in Siparila's range of wall and ceiling panels.

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