Villa Sun - KASTE interior panel decoration

A bright semi-detached house with large glass surfaces that bring light and space to the interior. The hard surfaces of the stone house have been softened by the choice of wood for all the ceilings.

In the semi-detached house, the matte white KASTE interior panel continues the white lines of the house. Thanks to the splash-proofing, the same roofing material could also be used as roofing material for the washrooms and toilets. By changing the direction of the paneling, the shape of the spaces has been accentuated. In the kitchen, for example, the linear character of the space is enhanced by the alignment of the open seams of the panels with the kitchen cabinets.

The roof of the second half of the semi-detached house is made of STRUKTUURI paneling, which is also used to panel the roof of the sauna. As the STRUKTUURI panel is suitable for both the sauna and dry interiors, the loose pieces have been used for the ceiling panelling of the toilet room. The three-dimensional VIRE panel has enlivened flat stone surfaces and improved the acoustics of high spaces.

Housing Fair, object 24

Year built


Products used:
KASTE interior panel
VIRE interior panel
STRUKTUURI interior panel

Interior design

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