What to consider when designing your kitchen?

The kitchen is the centre of the home. When designing a kitchen, it's worth thinking about how to make the space comfortable without forgetting functionality. Interior design specialist Qubo interior emphasises that the starting point for functionality is a core of cooker, water point and refrigeration, where the distance from one point to another should be no more than two or three steps. The choice of materials also contributes to the functionality and durability of the kitchen. Pay particular attention to the wear, impact and moisture resistance properties of the levels. Cooking is made much easier if hot pots can be lowered directly onto the level and there is no need to rush to wipe up any spillage. Read more about kitchen design in our comprehensive article!

You create a cosy kitchen with your choice of materials, light and colours. Consider how natural light floods the kitchen and think about how light behaves with the surface materials you choose. Glossy white shades reflect light back, while darker shades absorb it. Rosy, natural wood surfaces, on the other hand, allow light to play on their surfaces and the surface will get different reflections in the morning and evening sun. Are you looking for a natural ambience or do you prefer a crisp white? For example, you can use colours to make a space feel more spacious or, if you prefer, you can use colours to make a space smaller. Always consider the materials you choose together. Do you want the tone of your kitchen cabinets to go hand in hand with the wall materials, or do you want to create a kitchen that tells its own story by combining different tones?

If you want a sustainable, easy to maintain and ecological kitchen, you should opt for natural materials; wood, stone and glass. Wooden panels can be used to decorate both the ceilings and the walls of your kitchen. It is worth remembering to protect the wooden surfaces behind the cooker and water point with glass, for example, which is easy to keep clean. Wood is resistant to knocks and it's easy to hide small dents. Wood can also be reworked over time as trends change, and the surface can be re-coloured according to your imagination. As a natural and warm material, wood brings cosiness and comfort to the kitchen.

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