[Study] Huffing improves alertness, calms the mind and reduces irritability

Huffing has been shown to support people's ability to concentrate, recover, pay attention and maintain a positive state of mind. In offices, schools, public buildings and premises, it is worth seriously considering increasing the use of wood-blowing as it has a positive impact on the performance of staff throughout the company, for example.

The results are based on a Wood for Good study by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the University of Tampere (TAU), which used, among other things, the PALA panel from Siparila. In the study, people were observed in two different rooms. In one room 50% of the surfaces were made of wood and in the other 0%. The results were unambiguous. The wood room had a positive effect on people's emotional states and attentiveness. In addition, people's irritability and negative emotions were reduced and their body's state of alertness increased. This enabled them to perform better in group work and on the tasks assigned.

In the study, the wooden room had several pieces of wooden furniture and the back wall of the room was covered with our PALA panel in a herringbone pattern. In this way, the wall acts as an eye-catcher and creates a wow effect in the space. The wooden panel wall also adds a sense of dignity to the room, rather than the usual painted wall. PALA panels are easy to fix because they can be fixed with Siparila Fix adhesive, meaning you don't need nails or hooks to fix them.

The effect of woodblocking is felt in the body as a relaxed forehead and relaxed shoulders.

The positive effects of wood are thought to be due to the fact that it is a natural material, making it a soothing material for the human senses with its moisture-retaining properties, pleasant smell and low conductivity of electricity and heat.

Wood has been proven to support human well-being

Wood breathing has been proven to support human well-being. Wooden surfaces and materials calm your body and mind, increase feelings of well-being and reduce symptoms of exhaustion and stress. The feelings are not only mental, but looking at and touching wooden surfaces lowers blood pressure and pulse. So the effects are also physiological, as has been studied.

Wooden furniture...

  • reduce stress
  • lowers blood pressure and pulse
  • naturally reflects light, making the space more spacious
  • reduce echo in the room
  • stores and releases moisture, which has a positive effect on indoor air quality, especially during the dry winter frosts. Please note that the storage of moisture in wood does not imply anything negative or harmful to the building, but is a natural and necessary phenomenon.

By simply increasing the amount of wood dusting, a company can affect the performance, well-being and daily well-being of its entire workforce. For example, the investment in a wooden effect wall is small in financial terms, but a wooden effect wall has a positive impact on the people in the office on a daily basis.

In public buildings, wooden surfaces make the building more homely and welcoming. This makes the building less "institutional", even if it is a hospital, nursing home or school.

The Ministry of the Environment also aims to increase the use of wood in public buildings and furnishings.

The aim of the Ministry of the Environment's Wood Construction Programme is to increase public wood construction and the use of wood materials in urban construction.

We want to promote wood construction because

  • wood is antibacterial, so it prevents microbial growth
  • wood breathes, which improves indoor air quality
  • wood is an environmentally friendly material and therefore one of the most important ways for municipalities to make progress towards emission targets
  • people react positively to wooden surfaces indoors
  • for example, noise and stress levels in wooden classrooms have been found to be significantly lower than in "normal" classrooms

According to the Ministry of the Environment, Finland has excellent opportunities to increase the use of wood in public construction, as it has excellent products, know-how and raw materials.

Watch the Environment Ministry's video on the health and comfort of wooden buildings.

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