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VALO-interior panels

The Siparila’s VALO interior panels are the newest for decorative product for autumn 2018! Create a lovely wooden ceiling that hides ceiling lights neatly between panels. The design of the ceiling panels allows one to attach LED -strip lighting to the open-joint between the panels.
No visible signs of nails

Impression of lath ceiling

Siparila has paid particular attention to the design of our VALO interior panels and their ability to illuminate any space. VALO is designed so that LED strip lighting can be hidden between panels. This creates beautiful illumination between panels and allows for control around the volume of lighting as LED strips can be installed between as many or as few panels as desired. The VALO interior panels also have a hidden fastening system which leaves nail heads hidden, creating a uniform ceiling. The VALO decorative panels are made of light birch that has been surface treated to appear white. The VALO interior panels are designed by Heli Mäkiranta.

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