Wood has always been the building material that Finns trust, and we hope to keep it that way. It is a responsible choice, as wood is environmentally friendly, renewable, and recyclable. It is also an efficient carbon sink: a wooden detached house stores 30 tonnes of carbon, the equivalent of 10 years of car use for one family.

As industry pioneers, we play our role responsibly and actively seek ways to promote the well-being of the environment and people. Product quality, sustainability, and safety are the cornerstones of our operations. We are involved in strengthening a building culture that respects the vitality and health of forests and promotes sustainable and healthy living. Sustainable development plays an essential role in our business.

Wood construction is one of the main themes of future construction

The building sector accounts for 30 % of all carbon dioxide emissions. Only 5–12 % of our country's CO2 emissions come from manufacturing construction products. 90 % of emissions come from the manufacture of cement and steel.

Wood construction is one of the best ways to reduce CO2 emissions from construction because the CO2 emissions from wood construction are minimal compared to, for example, concrete structures. The more we replace concrete and steel with wood, the less carbon dioxide the building sector emits.

We care for the well-being of our forests

The PEFC certification system ensures the well-being of forests internationally and guarantees that the wood has been harvested sustainably, respecting forest biodiversity. We want to play our part in ensuring that the forest's natural habitats and the opportunities for species to live remain strong now and in the future.

We closely monitor the quality of our products

In construction, the products used must be healthy and safe. The European Union has set safety requirements for solid wood products, and we monitor the safety requirements implementation closely. As proof of our careful work on the quality of Siparila products, all Siparila wood products are CE-marked and do not contain hazardous chemicals to humans or nature.

We recycle the packaging material

We want to promote packaging recycling, so we have entered into a cooperation agreement with Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI. This cooperation shows that we are taking steps to be more environmentally responsible. We recycle our packaging and the material that comes to us by purchasing raw materials. We will responsibly manage our environmental obligations for all waste our operations generate.

We invest in sustainable surface treatment

We are constantly developing new surface treatment methods to ensure our wood products look attractive and last long in challenging weather conditions. Our investment in priming and coating methods has earned Siparila FI certification, which requires us to closely monitor paint application rates and painting conditions such as temperature and humidity.