Siparila - a pioneer in the wood industry

Siparila Oy is an industry pioneer inspired by the great properties of wood. We help our customers discover the best qualities of wood, and we want to make interior design and building with wood an experience for both the home decorator and the professional builder.

Passion for wood

We are dedicated to real wood. We draw inspiration from its versatile properties, which offer the potential to create the most stunning solutions for all kinds of spaces and buildings. We build our products with respect for the individual qualities of wood, so that every object can enjoy its unique atmosphere.


Building with wood has a long tradition in Finland. We want to preserve and develop these traditions to meet today's needs. We are committed to complying with the regulations and recommendations that will enable the ecological, healthy, and natural use of wood in interior design and construction in the future. Every day we work towards a more sustainable building culture.

Technology and innovation

As pioneers in our field, we have participated in renewing the Finnish market for exterior cladding and interior panels. We are constantly working on product development in collaboration with designers and architects to offer home builders in Finland and abroad new, innovative, and more user-oriented solutions. We want to make our products, built from real wood, available to everyone.

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