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Exterior cladding panels

Wood is an attractive and responsible choice for exterior cladding, as it is not only an efficient carbon sink but also a sustainable building material. Our range consists of differently treated and fixed cladding panels, available in different wood species and colours for each product.

You can register your TOPCOAT or GOLD PRO product guarantee here.

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-K exterior cladding panel

    TOPCOAT®-K exterior cladding

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-S exterior cladding panel. Villa Muurame, Jyväskylä.

    TOPCOAT®-S exterior cladding

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-W exterior cladding panel. JOAS Joensuu Elli.

    TOPCOAT®-W exterior cladding

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-U exterior cladding panel

    TOPCOAT®-U exterior cladding

  • TOPCOAT®-L exterior cladding

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-V exterior cladding panel. Rauma service building.

    TOPCOAT®-V exterior cladding

  • Intermediate painted eaves board, shade: white

    TOPCOAT® exterior board

  • Fire-resistant decking. Pool Sea Pool.

    TOPCOAT® Fire retardant board

  • TOPCOAT®-S exterior cladding Natural tones

  • TOPCOAT®-W exterior cladding Natural tones

  • Durable exterior cladding panel. Karisto School Centre, Lahti, Finland

    TOPCOAT®-U exterior cladding Natural tones

  • TOPCOAT®-L exterior cladding Natural tones

  • pre-painted, hard-wearing exterior cladding

    TOPCOAT®-V exterior cladding Natural tones

  • Pre-painted, concealed GOLD PRO-W Exterior cladding

    GOLD PRO-W exterior cladding

  • GOLD PRO-V exterior cladding

  • GOLD PRO-S exterior cladding

  • Pre-painted, concealed Topcoat-K exterior cladding panel

    GOLD PRO-K exterior cladding

  • SILVER exterior cladding board holiday boarding

    SILVER KHP board

  • Exterior painted cladding panel UTW

    SILVER UTW exterior panel

  • Exterior painted cladding panel UTV

    SILVER UTV exterior panel

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