Personal Data Act 532/1999
10§ and 24§

1. Data controller
Siparila Oy, Business ID 1982051-9
Varaslahdentie 1
40800 Vaajakoski
Tel: 010 4242 000

Meri Rajala

2. Name of the register
Siparila Oy persons registered under the guarantee

3. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of the personal data collected in the register is to identify the persons for whom Siparila Oy provides a guarantee for the purchase of exterior cladding products. The data may also be used for other communication, such as customer satisfaction surveys, handling complaints and other communication. The data can only be used for direct marketing if the customer gives his/her consent when registering.

4. Data content of the register
The register collects the basic data of the persons registered under the Siparila guarantee, such as names, telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. The register also collects other information necessary for the validity of the guarantee.

5. Regular data sources
As a rule, personal and other data required by the guarantee are collected through the registration form available on the Siparila website ( Individuals may also provide information by telephone or e-mail to Siparila Ltd.

6. Regular data disclosures
Data will not be disclosed to third parties unless required for the handling of complaints.

7. Principles for the protection of the register
No manual data is collected. If data is exceptionally collected, it will be stored at Siparila Oy Vaajakoski in a secure facility. The data stored in the IT system is accessible only to those persons who need the data for the purposes specified in the description. Access to the data is restricted by passwords and user IDs.

8. Right to inspect data
Any person covered by the Siparila guarantee has the right to inspect the data concerning them. To request access, the person must send a request for access to the data by e-mail to

9. Correction of data
A person has the right to request Siparila Oy to correct, delete and complete any incorrect, unnecessary, outdated or incomplete data concerning him or her in the register. The request for correction should be sent by e-mail to

10. Other problems related to the processing of personal data
You have the right to prohibit Siparila Oy from using your data for direct marketing and other marketing activities. The marketing prohibition should be indicated on the registration form or sent in writing to