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Siparila is a service-oriented wood supplier that already employs 160 woodworking and surface treatment professionals at our head office in Vaajakoski and our factories in Teuva, Myllykoski, Parkano and Kajaani. We are constantly looking for employees with enthusiasm and a learning attitude who are interested in growing into woodworking and surface treatment professionals.

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We will advertise vacancies whenever necessary. If we don't have a vacancy that suits you, you can also submit an open application.

Eight reasons to work at Siparila

In Siparila, people have the opportunity to take responsibility, participate in the debate and develop as experts in their field. We've minimised the ghost barriers between people and job profiles and created the Siparila spirit so that we all have a fun workplace with great colleagues.

The working atmosphere has a huge impact on our well-being. We constantly strive to ensure that everyone who works at Siparila feels an important part of our community. We support each other and communicate openly about everything.

Learning new things is important if we are to remain at the forefront of the wood sector. We learn new things through apprenticeships and in our everyday lives by developing new ways to work and finish wood. At the same time, we are constantly developing collaboration, which helps us to serve our customers better.

Our lean and agile organisational structure allows us to adapt quickly to changes in the industry and within the organisation. Efficient information flow, open metrics and flexible job rotation increase understanding and improve collaboration between different functions.

We removed the need for supervision and empowered our employees to take responsibility for their own daily workflow. We now have self-directed teams, where everyone has the power to decide on their own and collective issues.

Our main assets in maintaining our competitiveness are our people and innovation. That's why we've harnessed technology to help where it can, to give people the time and space to make insights.

We work hard for the common good. We want every employee to take an active part in the development of the organisation and the work community, to give feedback to their mates, including on successes, and to be brave enough to share their thoughts.

We focus on solutions rather than problems, and actively seek ways to improve our operations. So when we hit a bend in the road, we try to find the best possible solution as quickly as possible.

Sustainable development can only be achieved through responsible action. That's why sustainability is reflected throughout our organisation: in wellbeing, processes, raw materials and end products. We are true to our principles and quality standards.