Become a reseller and succeed!

Siparila is known for high-quality, durable, and responsibly manufactured exterior claddings and interior panels. Our products are visually attractive, always trendy and timeless, and in terms of quality and technical features, they are the best on the market. Our products have all the features consumers demand.

Magnificent exterior claddings and interior panels

Our versatile selection includes exterior claddings, interior panels, yard construction products, and edge-glued boards. The products are suitable for many projects and offer almost unlimited construction and interior design possibilities.

Exterior cladding panels are fully painted, mid-coated, or untreated. Fully painted panels are the easiest way to build: They come with a concealed fastening, which brings cost savings and speeds up construction projects. They need no further treatments after installation. 

The interior panel collection includes models that have become classics over the years. Interior panels also have concealed fastening, which makes them quick to fix, and there are plenty of different treatments to fulfill the needs of any customer. We replenish our collection in cooperation with designers and architects to create new classics.

High-quality and beautiful products

Siparila's products are made from tough Finnish wood grown in Northern woods. The raw materials we use are carefully selected so that the products we manufacture retain their properties. The natural beauty is reinforced with different surface treatments. The treatments are always factory-made, making them extremely high-quality and durable. With or without the treatments, the products look stunning.

Responsible and sustainable choice

Wood is a responsible and sustainable choice. We use only responsibly sourced and processed wood, as proof of which we have the PEFC label, and some of our products have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which states the product's carbon footprint. In addition, our painted products have an FI certificate, which ensures that the products comply with standards and other official regulations. This way, you can be sure that you offer your customers safe, high-quality, and ecological products that last.

Continually refining product range

Our wide range, from exterior cladding panels to interior cladding panels, moldings, yard construction products, and edge-glued boards, is constantly renewed. Our selection includes long-lasting classics that have remained in our selection since the early days of our company. However, we want to keep up with the trends and constantly collaborate with designers and architects, so our selection remains exciting, and the latest innovations end up in our product range.

Product info and continuous training

Siparila's competent personnel ensure the dealers' professionalism through constant training. At the beginning of the cooperation, you will receive comprehensive training regarding the products from us and a named person responsible for your company's product selection, maintaining and growing your expertise. The training is continuous and doesn't end after the start. We will ensure your competence and the renewing product range are enhanced over time.


We have been in the market for over 20 years and know how to market and sell our products. At no stage are you alone with your products - we provide you with a ready-made concept and materials, making it easy for you to market your products. We provide ready-to-use shop displays, catalogues, product cards and leaflets, marketing publications to make your job as smooth as possible.

How can you succeed with Siparila?

Our goal is to enable our retailers to succeed by selling Siparila products. We want to develop the business from both sides - the success of the retailer is also our success. 

We do not have one model that we offer to every dealer. We get to know your business and offer you the best possible product range and contract to help you succeed in selling our products. We are not looking for quick wins, but for a long and rewarding relationship with you. 

Success stories of our retailers

Interfaca - hundreds of thousands of linear metres of exterior cladding panels delivered every year

InterFaca is a company operating in the Netherlands. It specializes in wood cladding of facades, and imports and markets Siparila products through its dealers to different target groups, from designers to construction companies.

"The quality of Siparila's products is what our customers expect, and Siparila delivers the ordered products in the requested time. However, success doesn't come only through good products – communication also plays a big role in cooperation. It works very well with Siparila. They always meet customers' needs and solve any problems immediately. These things make cooperation successful."

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Stevens Timber & Co. - Conquering the market with the durability of Siparila products

The Stevens Timber & Co. have worked with Siparila for over a decade. The close relationship and beautiful and sustainable products have convinced Stevens Timber and its customers. Both are driven to deepen collaboration in many areas in the coming years. Siparila's dedication to exploring new ideas, finishes, and profiles resonates with Stevens Timber, fostering a close working relationship.

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