The Stevens Timber & Co. have been working with Siparila for over a decade. The close relationship, beautiful and sustainable products have convinced Stevens Timber and its customers. In the coming years both drive to deepen the collaboration in many areas.

In 1936, the foundations of Stevens Timber were laid by Jan Stevens Sr., whose lineage was steeped in the timber trade. As a timber agent, he ventured into establishing a legacy that generations would carry forward. Jan Stevens Sr.'s son, Cyriel, joined the family business in 1945, followed by Jan Jr. in 1976. For three generations, they diligently nurtured the company's growth, dedicating their efforts to softwood.

Fast forward to today, where the fourth generation spearheads the company. With a keen eye on sustainability, they've expanded the business to focus on softwood and further processed timber, particularly thermally modified wood, and other wood products. In particular, they have changed the business to also include thermally modified wood. This change reflects their commitment to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly solutions.

Producer of thermally modified wood found in Finland

Stevens' journey with Siparila began in 2009 when they searched for a reliable thermally modified wood supplier. Stevens Timber primarily purchases thermally modified timber and is gradually venturing into Siparila's classic portfolio, including painted cladding and interior panels.

What first caught their attention were Siparila's painted products, showcasing a beautiful, finished appearance. Their initial goal centered on thermally modified wood, starting from unplanned items, and ultimately embracing fully painted and thermally modified products.

Sustainability is everything

Even before sustainability became a significant focus for many, it has been at the core of Stevens Timber's values. They exclusively look for products that align with their commitment to durability and sustainability, prioritizing European-sourced pine and spruce over tropical timber. Stevens Timber wants to grow sustainably, with respect for health, society, and the environment. They have a clear view of the future and expand their softwood range every year with new innovative products.

The company's reach extends across Europe, primarily serving customers in Belgium and neighboring countries. Their customer base consists mainly of timber merchants who appreciate sustainable and aesthetically pleasing products. Also, Siparila’s products’ durability has also convinced the merchants.

Fruitful and sustainable partnership with Siparila

The collaboration with Siparila has been a fruitful partnership grounded in trust and a shared commitment to growth. Siparila's dedication to exploring new ideas, finishes, and profiles resonates with Stevens Timber, fostering a close working relationship.

The quality of Siparila's products is highly regarded by Stevens Timber, particularly their painted products' durability and aesthetic appeal. While they have no direct insight into the installation process, their customers have expressed satisfaction with the finished installation.

This enduring partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration, sustainability, and mutual growth, reinforcing both companies' values. As they move forward, Stevens Timber & Co. continues to seek new products and innovations that align with their sustainability goals, furthering their dedication to offering high-quality, eco-friendly solutions to their valued customers.