Trends in wood construction featured strongly at the Habitare fair

Habitare is a significant Finnish furniture, interior, and design event. Siparila's products were spectacularly displayed at the Avotakka's stand, which showcased the latest interior design trends – including the ever-growing wood construction sector.

The Habitare fair occurred at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in September 2023. Siparila was present at the event with Avotakka's stand, featuring the stand's fully recyclable structures. The Avotakka Pavilion, stand was a spectacular 130 square metre, two-storey structure. 

This year's Habitare theme was Yhdessä / Together, inspired by the need to feel a sense of belonging and the duty to care for nature and people. As a pioneer in wood construction, it is important to us that wood can be used in interior design and construction in an ecological, healthy, and natural way – wood is an excellent material, especially for its sustainability and recyclability. At Habitare, wood was again shown to be an exciting and trendy material that stimulates all the senses.

Habitare is a meeting place and an excellent opportunity to showcase products in an interesting setting for consumers and professionals. The concrete showrooms set up at Avotakka's stand enabled the products to be presented in practice, for example, on ceiling and wall surfaces, allowing visitors to experience all the qualities of wood in interior design: they could see, touch, and smell the panels.

Siparila's PURO and SOLA interior design panels attracted the attention of visitors

Siparila's products were well presented at Avotakka's stand: the pure white     PURO interior panel and the translucent white KOO4 interior panel brought light into the space. In contrast, the three-dimensional SOLA interior panel added contrast to the ceiling of the bathroom section. The section was built on two floors, one fitted with THERMODECK Classic terrace board in thermally modified pine. The THERMOCOAT and TOPCOAT® exterior cladding panels could also be seen and experienced.

At this year's Habitare, it was noticeable that visitors were particularly interested in Siparila's PURO and SOLA panels, which took up wall and ceiling space at the stand. In addition to the pure white panel, the PURO panel was a thermally modified spruce panel that fascinated visitors, mainly because of the spruce's wood grain patterns. Both products have various applications, such as wall and ceiling panels for dry areas, washrooms and saunas.

The PURO panel's batten-like appearance is very much in line with current trends – batten-like solutions for ceiling and wall surfaces are rising. However, because it is a panel rather than individual laths, the finished surface can be achieved quickly and with high quality. In SOLA, the three-dimensionality is strongly emphasized by the black grooves.

Wood adds many dimensions to interior design

The visual perception of different products and materials is one of the possibilities offered by Habitare. The Habitarematerials concept provided visitors with an experiential and inspiring material library through which they could explore surface materials and different combinations of materials in the home in a efficient way.

Siparila's products were also part of Habitare-materials: in addition to the abovementioned products, the range included VIRE and JALO interior panels, for example. Visitors could creatively combine samples of the panels with different materials and colors and create a collage of their favorites on the collage table. The concept has been part of Habitare before and attracted visitors by offering sample pieces in various materials, from wood to stone, fabric and tile.

Habitarematerials provided visitors with a playground of sorts, unleashing creativity and illustrating the versatility of wood in interior design. Wood is an aesthetic and calming material that can bring a sense of calm and balance to a space. Although wood can be easily combined with other materials, Siparila's product range can mix different wood products through various wood species, colors and profiles.

Each new Siparila product complements existing collections, allowing you to build spectacular ensembles with wood. This was demonstrated by the panels representing the unique product range: the SOLA panel used on the ceiling was combined with the vertically paneled PURO panel on the stand, with its eye-catching graphic design.

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