The popularity of timber construction is growing rapidly in Finland and abroad. Thanks to new innovations, wood can be used to build ever taller, larger and more complex structures faster and in a more environmentally friendly way than concrete or steel, without compromising on quality. Discover the projects in which Siparila has been involved and in which Siparila products made from genuine Finnish wood have been used.

  • Finlandia Hotel Alba

  • Panorama Landscape Hotel

  • Vehryt Nouka

  • Harri Syrjäsen detached house

  • Joensuu Office Building

  • Engineering work Hentinen premises

  • Water in the Spa

  • Detached house designed by an architect

  • Glass resort

  • Origo, Oulu

  • Feenix of Tapiola

  • TOAS Kauppi, Tampere

  • HOAS Tuuliniitty, Espoo

  • Helsinki Olympic Stadium

  • Tampere Kosmos

  • Helsinki Outlet

  • Kainuu Hospital