TOAS Kauppi

TOAS Kauppi, located in Kaleva, Tampere, is a timber-framed apartment building fully clad with Siparila's larch Topcoat UTV cladding panels with fire protection. The site is located in the immediate vicinity of Kauppi sports fields and TAMK. With a total of 8 storeys and 72 apartments, which make up 2 306,5 m² of living space, this is a large wooden block of flats.

Ecological values have gained a strong foothold in society as a whole, but particularly among young people. This is why a carbon-neutral wooden apartment building is an excellent choice for an apartment building with only student apartments. Read more about the importance of wood construction for our society and nature as a whole.

Topcoat UTV cladding panels made exclusively of larch have been used in the TOAS Kaup facade. The panels are fire-resistant, making the wooden apartment building a safe place to live. The fire protection slows down the progress of the fire, allowing ample time for evacuation. In addition, the fire-fighting work can be started in time to prevent the fire from spreading.

The variations in tone that are characteristic of wood are accentuated in the larch panels, adding a beautiful extra shade and warmth to the apartment building. The beauty of the wood is crowned by the concealed fixing of the panels, which ensures that no nail is visible. The end result is a facade without any nails. The concealed fixing also increases the weather resistance of the panels, as water cannot be absorbed by the visible nail heads in the wood cell. The panels will also retain their appearance while the wood will turn grey over the years.

Exterior cladding panels made of larch do not need to be surface treated, as larch is a material that is resistant to UV radiation and moisture.

TOAS Kauppi, Tampere

Year built

Number of dwellings
72 units

Products used:
Larch cladding
Topcoat V

Exterior cladding