We can provide wood construction solutions that speed up construction and save money. We work with you to solve your site challenges and provide sustainable solutions. Seasonal variations no longer determine the timing of your construction project because the products are factory-made. With fully finished and concealed fastening panels, you can be sure of a smooth and quickly completed surface – even in winter.

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Wide range of shapes and surface treatment options

At Siparila, our job is to make the most of the best of wood and know and understand its limitations. We have selected shapes that work with wood and are constantly developing new surface treatment options for wood. You can choose from a wide range of durable, high-quality options for building with wood.

Ready-to-install products made of natural wood

In industrial surface treatment, exterior cladding panels are painted immediately after planing, which opens the surface barrier of the wood and allows the wood's protective substances to be effectively absorbed. Coatings can be applied evenly over the cladding panel under factory conditions, where humidity and temperature are always constant. This improves the quality of the painting compared to painting outdoors.

Fire-resistant internal and external surfaces

Fire protection allows wood to be used extensively in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, as the fire protection treatment of the panels increases the fire resistance of the building. The Reaction to Fire rating of our products, B-s1, d0, allows the use of wood in buildings with the highest fire class P1. Siparila uses water-based fire retardants in its products. Fire resistant panels must always be CE marked.

Whatever your needs, we can help you find the right products for interior design, the most cost-effective solutions for large projects, solve site construction challenges, or even develop new products.

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