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Durable and stylish terrace

THERMODECK Classic combines excellent durability with a stylish appearance. The heat treatment of the decking boards improves the moisture resistance of the wood, reduces warping and extends the life of the boards. Pine thermally modified , which absorbs little moisture, does not warp, bubble or buckle as much as untreated wood in the open air. It also shrinks and expands less. Because Thermally modified board has a lower moisture content than normal wood, it is also more resistant to the sun's UV rays without surface cracking.

THERMODECK Classic boards are beautiful as they are and can withstand weather stress without surface treatment. However, without treatment, the surface of the wood will turn grey. If the board is to retain its warm brown colour, it should be surface treated regularly. THERMODECK Classic decking boards are safe to use as they are manufactured without chemicals, using only heat and water vapour.

Fixing options:

HIDDEN FASTENING A stylish and perfectly intact surface is achieved by using a hidden fastening. With a concealed fixing, the fixing clip is screwed to the terrace frame and the groove on the side of the decking board is pushed into the clip, to which it attaches.

END FASTENING: The board is fastened using screws. Always use stainless steel screws. Fasten the boards to the frame members with sufficient spacing.

Read more at Thermally modified about the benefits of decking!

  • Product ID
  • Thickness
  • Material from
  • Colour
  • Product code: TH-S2CL26x115
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Material: thermowood
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TH-S2CL26x140
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Material: thermowood
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TH-CL26x92
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Material: thermowood
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TH-CL26x115
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Material: thermowood
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TH-CL26x140
  • Thickness: 26 mm
  • Material: thermowood
  • Colour : -


Concealed and top-mounted


Concealed 8 m/m² (115 mm), 6.8 m/m² (140 mm) Surface-mounted 10 m/m² (92 mm), 8 m/m² (115 mm), 6.8 m/m² (140 mm)

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