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Lath 28×45/30 mm

With surface-painted lattice trims, you can quickly and easily build fences, railings, screens, canopies and decorative structures for your yard. At the same time, you can make your yard safer and more attractive. Trim can also be used to easily create personalised details on the façade of a house. 

The battens can be fixed from the top by nailing or screwing. The battens are painted and require only a light finishing coat and post-painting on site. Careful refinishing of cut surfaces and fixing marks prevents water and contaminants from entering the wood.

The laths are available in the standard colors white (S-0502-Y), grey (RR23), light brown (1805) and on request in the shades of the exterior color charts.

  • Product ID
  • Thickness
  • Material from
  • Colour
  • Product code: SR/HS28x45/30
  • Thickness: 28 mm
  • Material: -
  • Colour : White, grey, translucent brown, custom shade


By nailing or screwing

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