Detached house by the sea

Petri and Jonna made their dream come true and built their family a home by the sea. The multi-dimensional house is decorated in soft tones and the interior panels have been given imaginative space. Jonna and Petri have been living permanently by the sea in Luvia for some time. Many people have cottages here, just like Jonna and Petri did at first. The couple bought a place by the sea to see if they could become permanent residents.

The old buildings on the site were demolished and first a sauna was erected. At the same time, the beach area with its breakwaters and paving was put in order. Life in the summer house seemed so comfortable that after spending a few summers in the sauna building, the couple decided to build a house for their growing family. The cottage turned into a permanent home, and the children have been thrilled with it. The move from Pori to Luvia was surprisingly painless.

Naturalness with panels

Larch has been a widely used decking material in Finland in recent years. Its popularity has been based mainly on its natural decay resistance and its beautiful, muted grey colour, which has been popular in construction. The raw material for larch has been imported from Russia, but is now being replaced by a top Finnish innovation, thermally modified wood, which is in many ways superior to larch. Siparila thermally modified domestic spruce and pine, so the availability and ecology of the raw material is guaranteed. The change is also very positive for the builder and the end user, because thermally modified wood has managed to achieve the same good properties as larch - and a little more. Siparila's thermally modified Thermodeck terrace board brings these benefits to terrace builders.

This is how Thermodeck meets the challenge: Durability.

The house, designed by Sunhouse, was completed for the family in 2015. Petri says that everything has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind. For a family with children, functionality and safety are important. Large enough utility rooms and an adequately lit courtyard have been important for comfort and security in the dark autumn days. Of course, the decoration of the home has also been very important.

- We wanted warmth and atmosphere in our home in the form of materials and colours. Wood was our first choice and therefore panelling seemed to be the right choice. We found Siparila's products at the fair and fell in love with them instantly, Jonna explains.

The family says the cooperation with Siparila has been seamless. The professional salesperson was able to recommend products and explain the options in detail. In the end, the choice of colours was easy to make. Read more about bedroom decorating in our comprehensive article!

Skillfully done

The family relied on professionals for their project. Construction company JTS Oy completed the house down to the finishing touches. They also brought in Kari Silander, an extremely skilled carpenter. The careful workmanship is important for the installation of the panels and the residents praise this. Read more about the kitchen interior in our comprehensive article!

- We were able to leave out the framing and other extras as planned, because the installation was done very professionally, with the carpenter's handprint visible," Petri says.

This home has everything just right. Downstairs, there are large common areas, especially the lowered ceiling in the kitchen creates a nice atmosphere. Read 7 tips for decorating your living room here!

The internal panelling of the roof in question is made of black KOO2 panels. The bathroom is the absolute jewel of the home. The large windows offer an unrivalled view of the sea. The sensual atmosphere is created by modern tiling combined with a moody Vire wall panel.

Home of the industrious family

Life by the sea has been flowing smoothly. The children quickly got used to their new home and made friends at school. Here, nature is close by and there is plenty of space around. The four of them spend their free time sometimes travelling, but very much at home.

- We always seem to have a project going on. Once you finish one and take a breather, you've almost started the next one. There's plenty to do here, as much as you can manage," Petri laughs.

Text by Tanja Hakala
Photos Johanna Lehtinen

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