Hattulan Puu sells Siparila's products throughout Finland

Our long-time retail customer Hattulan Puu orders all its outdoor cladding products from us. Their clientele has especially liked the pre-painted panels, which make building quick and smooth.

Hattulan Puu Oy is a lumber and construction products specialist store operating in Porvoo, known for its wide selection and fast service.

The company has been operating since 1995, and it was recently taken over by the young owners, Lassi Heiskanen and Wille Willner, who were already working there. Hattulan Puu was Siparila's customer even before the change of ownership, and the cooperation continued smoothly after that.

"For over ten years, we have been ordering exterior cladding products from Siparila's Myllykoski factory, which became part of Siparila through the acquisition over four years ago. Siparila is a good and well-known brand as a panel manufacturer," says CEO Lassi Heiskanen.

Hattulan Puu is an exception among companies that serve builders because, unlike almost all others, it is not a hardware store but specifically a lumber store.

"We deliver our products to the whole of Finland. We can keep the prices affordable because we have a shallow organizational structure – no marketing costs or expenses arising from the management level. Recently, we have expanded strongly into the online store," says Heiskanen about the company's operations.

The exterior cladding panels were the first products in Hattulan Puu's product range from Siparila. Little by little, interior cladding products also came along. The current selection includes the GOLD PRO exterior cladding panel with a hidden fastening system, the fire-resistant SAFE exterior cladding panel, the PLATTA façade panel, and several Siparila interior cladding panels.

Customers are satisfied with Siparila's products

Hattulan Puu's customer base mainly consists of private customers, single-family house builders, and cabin builders. Siparila's products have been in great demand in these target groups, and Siparila regularly delivers truckloads of panels to Hattulan Puu.

"Siparila's products perfectly meet the needs of both us and our customers. When others make the same old lumber, Siparila comes up with new products that customers like," says Heiskanen.

"The exterior cladding products, especially the pre-painted products, have been popular among our customers," adds Heiskanen.

According to Heiskanen's experience, the best indicator of customer satisfaction with Siparila's panels is that there has been no feedback of any kind.

"There has been no negative feedback at all. It's certainly a good sign when no one complains. Customers also rarely praise the products. When customers say nothing, the products are exactly what they have hoped for."

Heiskanen also recognizes that ecology plays an increasingly important role in construction, and Siparila's wood products respond perfectly to this.

"The environmental perspective has become more important, and people pay more attention to indoor air issues, for example. People no longer want to use MDF panels because of their high amount of formaldehyde."

Smooth cooperation in all aspects

Heiskanen has only positive things to say about the cooperation with Siparila.

"It has been successful in every way. Our contact person Mika Hietanen has handled everything in an exemplary manner. We get an answer every time we ask something, and we don't have to wait for days."

"The delivery times have also always been correct," Heiskanen continues.

When we ask Heiskanen to use one word to describe the best part of the collaboration, he chooses the word 'smooth.'

"S like Siparila and smoothness. It certainly best describes the benefit we receive."

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