Thanks to its long service life, ecologically grown, high-quality manufactured wood is a material that enables the ecological construction of the future. With wood, we can create comfortable and beautiful living areas, even in urban environments, and make sustainable and healthy living possible.

In the article published on 16 December 2022, MT Metsä wrote about wood construction's potential to reduce emissions in the construction industry. Currently, the construction industry produces about a third of Finland's carbon dioxide emissions. Most of the greenhouse emissions come from the production of building materials such as concrete, steel, and insulation.

We should take ecological sustainability more and more widely as a goal in the construction industry and make choices that secure good living opportunities for future generations. We need responsible construction that considers the needs of residents and society and the earth's carrying capacity.

In this, the building designer plays a decisive role. In the planning phase, there is an opportunity to have the most significant influence on the environmental impact of buildings, such as material choices, implementation methods, and even the activities of the residents by enabling, for example, the sharing economy.

A building made ecologically with natural materials is generally healthy for the residents as well, and environmentally friendly construction is also an economically sustainable solution in the long term.

Using wood is one of the best ways to reduce construction’s carbon footprint

In ecological construction, the aim is to burden the environment as little as possible. In addition to maximizing the building's energy efficiency, the environmentally friendly construction method favors renewable raw materials and materials that can be recycled or converted into energy at the end of their useful life.

Wood is a renewable natural material and one of the best ways to reduce construction's carbon footprint. Wood, already traditionally used in Finland, is making a new rise by enabling modern, ecologically sustainable, and healthy construction.

If European housing construction were based on wood instead of concrete, it would reduce the consumption of natural resources by up to 70%, energy consumption in the manufacturing process of building materials by 40%, and CO2 emissions by 60%. (Source: Metsä

Increasing the use of wood in construction is already part of Finland's national energy and climate strategy. In line with the strategy, several cities have started to plan and design entire wood construction areas, even in the heart of urban environments. Even large apartment buildings can now be built from wood, with good examples such as Puukuokka in Jyväskylä, TOAS Kauppi in Tampere and Mäihä in Seinäjoki.

Siparila promotes ecological constructionSiparila promotes ecological construction

As a pioneer in using wood, we do our part to enable ecological construction. Using our products, you can build sustainable and comfortable environments with the help of high-quality natural materials – both on the inner and outer surfaces.

At Siparila, we only use sustainably harvested wood as a raw material for our products and thus take responsibility for our supply chain. We know that high-quality wood is not self-evident. For our part, we want to ensure that the forests' vitality, productivity, and profitability are maintained in the long term so that there will be enough wood in the future as well.

When properly grown and manufactured into a high-quality product, wood is very durable and has a lifespan comparable to other building materials. In addition, Siparila's wood products have many different properties required by today's requirements – for example, fire safety, moisture resistance, and fastening methods to speed up installation.

Siparila's products make it easy to create ecological sustainability, economic efficiency, and a pleasant living environment in buildings. We design our products so that you don't have to compromise on any aspect.

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