The sauna is the heart of the Finnish home. It's where you relax and cleanse yourself from the dust of the day. In recent years, more colours and materials have been added to the sauna's interior to complement traditional materials. A modern sauna can be decorated to match the colour scheme of your home or as a whole.

A modern sauna can be built around a single shade

Have you ever dreamed of an all-white sauna? Or would you like to relax in a dark sauna with a smoke sauna? For a modern sauna interior, you can choose one shade to build your sauna interior around. For example, white STRUKTUURI sauna panels can be used to create a bright look even in a small sauna.

The embossed surface of the Struktuuri panels brings out the wood's grain and knot pattern, preventing an overly clinical appearance. The white sauna interior can be complemented with white LAUDE boards. Ready-to-hear white boards, almost 30 cm wide, are the icing on the cake for a modern sauna.

STRUKTUURI panels are available in white, natural sand and translucent black. In particular, the black panels are perfectly matched with light aspen wood panels.

A modern sauna can also be designed in natural tones, allowing the natural beauty of wood to shine through.

Pearlescent shades add a touch of sparkle to the modern sauna

A touch of oriental mysticism is added to the sauna with the use of brown and grey pearl shades. The pearlescent surface of the STRUKTUURI panel glistens tactfully in the light and is sure to leave no one cold. The pearl grey shade is perfect for the entire sauna interior and the dark interior can be lightened with a light-coloured ceiling material.

Warm pearl brown is the new shade for the modern sauna. The pearl pattern on the brown softens the brown tone and elegantly highlights the spruce branches and scalloped pattern. The pearl brown sauna panel pairs well with the wide, audible grey boards, which add a touch of coolness to the modern sauna interior.

A modern sauna is built by combining different types of wood

Aspen, birch and ash are here to stay in the Finnish sauna. Each species of wood has its own characteristics, which can be combined to bring a modern sauna to life. The light-coloured KUULAS has a peaceful grain pattern and is widely used as a table material. However, aspen has a strong lustre pattern, which is visible in the darkness variations that resemble the glow of the northern lights when it is surface treated. Thanks to its lightness, KUULAS panels are beautifully complemented by shades of white, grey and black in a modern sauna. The almost branchless appearance of the aspen tree also makes it beautiful.

The KUULAS interior panels blend beautifully with the luxurious ashlar in a modern sauna. The sash has a vivid hexagonal pattern and adds a nice rhythm to the three-dimensional surface of the VIRE interior panel. The VIRE interior panel can be used with either the white or black KUULAS interior panel. In a black interior, the ash brings light to a modern sauna interior, while with white aspen panels, the ash acts as an effective eye-catcher.

The birch tree, a favourite of Alvar Aalto, brings classic elegance to the modern sauna. The birch has a calm, serene grain pattern, with small dark branches that brighten up the surface. The natural tone of birch is a yellowish tint, which can be softened by treating the birch with a translucent white. The disadvantage of birch is that it is more difficult to install than other materials. Birch panels have a strong will of their own and often become twisted while waiting to be installed.

Vertical or horizontal panel installation

Saunas have traditionally used horizontal paneling. In modern saunas, the panels can also be installed vertically. Vertical panels give the impression of height. Vertical panels can also create a cubic effect by extending the vertical paneling of the walls in the same line through the ceiling.

The modern sauna is also exposed to large variations in humidity and temperature. For this reason, care must be taken during installation to leave a ventilation gap under the panels and to treat the cut-off surfaces. All Siparila interior panels are concealed, which means that the installation marks remain hidden under the next panel. This prevents water from damaging the wood through nail holes. However, always remember to dry the tiles well after taking a sauna and allow the sauna to dry after bathing. This will keep the materials looking beautiful for a long time.

Watch the video on how to install the Siparila STRUKTUURI panel