Oasis built from fireproof spruce

Located in Katajanokka, Helsinki, Allas Sea Pool is an impressive example of wooden construction. The building was designed by architect Pekka Pakkanen of Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects.

The Sea Pool is an oasis of well-being and experiences, with spaces and courtyards that are incredibly versatile. Its main building and the terraces around it are made of Finnish spruce. Warmly atmospheric café and restaurant lounges dominate the interior, offering thoughtful views of the pools, the sea and the city. The building's roof terraces offer a completely new view of maritime Helsinki. The pool hosts both wellness and cultural events on a weekly basis. The pool is open to all city residents all year round.

The area of the Allas Sea Pool covers a total of 9 000 m², including 2800 m² of floating dock area and 1 800 m² of buildings. There are 3 800 customer places and 853 m² and 69 m of swimming pools.

Sea Pool, Helsinki

Year built

Lehto Group

Pekka Pakkanen, Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects

Products used:
Smooth-sawn board 28 x 120 mm, all-round fire-resistant
Smooth-sawn board 28 x 120 mm, translucent tone Pouta
Smooth-sawn board 28 x 95 mm, all-round fire-resistant
Smooth-sawn board 48 x 148 mm, all-round fire-resistant
Fine-sawn board 48 x 98 mm, all-round fire-resistant

Exterior cladding