Siparila's range of interior panels has evolved over the years to meet the needs of professionals and enable various interior design solutions. Three industry specialists reveal that 2024 interior design will be all about creativity and individuality – instead of following trends closely, we will see solutions that go against the stream.

Wood is a material that can be used in both traditional and modern interiors: it is seen as a soft and natural material, but it can also be used to create bold contrasts. Siparila's range of interior panels has enabled various interior solutions for years but now is the time to look at future interior trends.

Siparila collaborates extensively with designers, architects, and other professionals. That's why we asked three industry specialists to tell us what interior design trends they think will emerge in 2024.

Creativity unleashed in 2024 interior design trends

"In 2024, you can let your creativity run wild, so we're still going in a more individual direction, which is great. There will be more playfulness and daring in the interiors," says interior designer Milla Alftan

Interior architect and designer Ilkka Palinperä believes that this year, as well as following trends, people will also make individual choices:

"Non-trendiness and individual choices will be the trend in interior design. When information is available to everyone on social media, people will be interested in authenticity and sustainable choices. While trends usually follow the new, when old things are given a new life and thus a new interpretation in interior design, new mixes of styles emerge. Decorating has become a way of self-expression, like clothes and dressing."

Designer and interior designer Linda Baki agrees that interior design choices are increasingly made for themselves rather than to follow trends:

"As a trend, there is also a counter-trend to simply following trends – homes are more about making a statement for oneself, a look of one's own, rather than always slavishly following trends. The mix of new and old, curved, soft lines and shapes, layering, ecology, and domesticity are also trends that are here to stay, and rightly so.”

Warm shades and dark wood are on-trend

Interior design trends are associated with specific colors and materials that will be on the surface. Several color institutes have highlighted a fresh shade of peach as the color of 2024, but many colors and shades will be highlighted in interior design.

"The color palette will be dominated by natural shades with warm, soft, foggy shades; shades of grey will now recede into more broken shades of brown, from milky coffee and caramel to beige. There are also broken shades of chocolate brown, reddish brown, peach, and various shades of green. In wood panels, darker, nutty shades are now favored in addition to lighter options," says Baki.

According to Palinperä, 2024 will see warm shades and coziness:

"Dark wood shades, panel surfaces, and details, especially shades of brown, will be seen. Different textures and design languages, such as straight and curved lines, will also be combined. In addition, combining different wood is perfectly OK. Bravery, playfulness, and unexpected colorful details will also be seen in everyday objects such as taps, lamps, and shelves."

Alftan, on the other hand, highlights the monochromaticity of color – a room can be decorated with different shades of one color, or the same shade can be used on adjacent surfaces such as walls, moldings, doors, furniture, and ceilings. Alftan believes that black and white will be challenged this year by braver colors used in various surfaces and rooms.

"Different shades of foggy blue and strong burgundy or violet will be seen in the colors. We must remember that these are trend colors in the world, where people are bolder than in Finland. In Finland, the seasons and less light affect the use of colors compared to, for example, southern Europe," says Alftan.

Wooden panels are perfect for 2024

Sustainability has also been on the agenda in interior design for several years now and is more of a trend than a given. Awareness of the origin of materials and the carbon footprint they produce has been growing steadily, shaping the perceptions of consumers and professionals alike and, thus, their choices.

Wood is a sustainable material – it stands the test of time and use. Wood is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material with almost unlimited potential for use in interior design.

"Wood panels are perfect for 2024, but creativity in shades adds interest. We've also seen single-wall effect paneling, so you can use the panel to line the wall surfaces of an entire room, and I don't just mean the sauna," says Palinperä.

According to Baki, sensory friendliness will continue to grow in 2024, as people want their homes to be comfortable spaces where they can relax and unwind amid hectic everyday life. 

"Wooden surfaces bring much-needed warmth and good acoustics to the space. I imagine that chrome surfaces will increasingly emerge from the metallic shades to complement wood paneling, and they also work well with the popular darker wood finishes, freshening up the interior design in the details," Baki sums up.

The choice of interior panels is influenced not only by the shade of the panel but also by the profile and width of the panel, which can have a significant impact on the final result.

"Siparila offers a wide range of possibilities for using wood in interiors, so the only limit is your imagination of what you can create with these materials. Finns are currently favoring batten-like panels in interior design, so the the PURO interior panel, fits in well with this trend. But my favorite is still the VIRE interior panel, which can also be found on the roof of our home. Its beautifully vibrant surface and good shade options help to create an atmosphere in Finnish homes," says Alftan.

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