The US timber market is huge and it will take a lot of hard work to get there. One of Siparila's partners in the US is CP Supply, which focuses on bringing high-quality materials for home construction to the market.

The United States’ lumber business is extremely competitive, and introducing new products to the market is challenging. For this reason, many international businesses like Siparila, a Finnish thermally modified wood manufacturer, work with US partners such as CP Supply to introduce their materials to US builders.

CP Supply is a US-based building and interior goods retailer that focuses on providing high-quality building materials. Siparila products are sold through CP Supply. They have also other products on their products range: wood, stone, flooring, ceiling and wall panels, and roof trusses. CP Supply sells their products throughout the Western United States, focusing on Montana, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado, with some customers as far away as Texas.

The partnership between Siparila and CP Supply began when the CP Supply team came across Siparila's products while looking for suitable facade materials for detached homes and apartment building projects. CP Supply intended to work with several wood siding companies, but quickly determined that Siparila had the best product.

The longevity and environmental friendliness of Siparila's products were some of the qualities that enticed CP Supply management. The natural, high-quality materials are designed to last a lifetime, appealing to builders and homeowners alike. 

Ninety-eight percent of CP Supply’s Siparila sales are exterior products. Siparila siding is a thermally modified, fully painted facade panel in natural tones and with concealed fastening. The durability of these panels far surpasses its competition, so it's no surprise that demand for this product is steadily increasing.

Products valued by the builders

At the beginning of the collaboration, it was difficult for CP Supply to predict how the thermally modified wood would sell because there were no similar products on the market. Fortunately, the building industry is open to new materials, and CP Supply was able to successfully introduce Siparila to the market. 

Builders have said that Siparila's products are "complete packages": the facade panels are fully painted and end-jointed, making installation quick and easy. Additionally, the panels are well-packed, protecting them from inclement weather prior to installation and they are straight and consistent in length. Many builders have praised Siparila's products as the highest quality they have ever used.

Thermally modified wood has proven to be an excellent product, and its popularity in the US market is expected to grow. Siparila wood consistently meets the expectations of CP Supply's customers, combining functionality and appearance.

Responsibility and Nordic products appeal in the US

The concern about environmental responsibility is growing in the United States, just like in other parts of the world. Discussion and awareness around the topic are growing; consumers expect and are asking for responsibility and accountability from suppliers. As a result, companies have started to focus more heavily on producing environmentally responsible products. 

Since responsibility and quality are attributes consumers seek, environmentally forward Nordic products are increasingly in demand. However, the United States is a vast market area, and Nordic products are not popular in every region. CP Supply's focuses on reaching customers in areas where responsibility and functionality are valued the most, and CP Supply's current sales area reflects this.

Excellent cooperation and feedback from customers

The reception of Siparila's products among US consumers has been positive across the board. The CP Supply team is impressed and motivated by the feedback. CP Supply’s partnership with Siparila has been beneficial to both companies. There have been some setbacks, but the Siparila team has always been up to the task, keeping their promises and delivering products as expected. CP Supply has received help from Siparila with any problem that has arisen, and their expertise is always at CP Supply's disposal.

In terms of cooperation, the future looks excellent. The export of high-quality Nordic wood products to the US will continue, with partnerships between companies continuing to adapt to the market.

The customer feedback CP Supply has received on Siparila's products speaks for itself:

"Based on our short experience, we expect to see more Siparila products on the market. Siparila products are speedy to install. They are consistent in quality, accurate in dimensioning, and have end joints that speed up the installation and make working easy. The panels arrive at the site well-packed, so you don't have to worry about the weather spoiling them before installation. 

The products look outstanding, both in our and our customers' opinions. We have recommended Siparila's products to customers because of their appearance, easy installation, and low maintenance. But the appearance is what everyone is in love with."

- Steele Clark, Black Dog Builders