US Wood Oy, a family-owned company based in Kouvola, Finland, has joined Siparila. The acquisition will make Siparila Finland's largest manufacturer of wooden surface materials. US Wood Oy has been, alongside Siparila, the second largest manufacturer of pre-painted exterior cladding panels in Finland.
- Like Siparila, US Wood Oy has been actively developing its surface treatment expertise. Now we have 25 top professionals to serve Finnish builders," says Juha Sojakka, owner and CEO of Siparila.

With the acquisition of US Wood Oy's shares, the turnover of Siparila's factories will increase to EUR 33 million this year. All employees of the company will be transferred to Siparila as former employees. The acquisition will increase the number of Siparila's employees to 130.

Popularity of wood construction boosts growth

Like Siparila, US Wood Oy's product range consists of pre-painted, concealed cladding panels.

- Builders value simplicity. Together with Siparila, we can develop more advanced solutions for wood construction. We are also able to efficiently manufacture small production batches, which are in demand especially in Finland," says Jukka Sutelainen, Managing Director of US Wood Oy, who will continue to work for Siparila as a consultant.

Siparila is extensively involved in wood construction projects in Finland. Siparila's vision is that timber construction should be fast and easy to maintain.

- The acquisition will strengthen our market position at home and support export growth. We will be able to cost-effectively build façade concepts in the future, instead of just selling exterior cladding panels," says Sojakka.

Finnish wood is also widely used in construction around the world

Siparila was already exporting during the recession. Currently, around 40% of Siparila's turnover comes from foreign exports, and the aim is to increase this share even further. In countries without a strong tradition of timber construction, the uptake of industrially pre-painted timber cladding has been rapid.

- In the United States, France, England, Canada and the Netherlands, the predominant use of exterior cladding panels is fully prepainted in an industrial process. The nailless facades developed by Siparila offer significant cost savings in construction and also improve the weather resistance of timber facades. We are strong in the international market," Sojakka assures.

Currently, a holiday village is being built in Ontario, Canada, and a 200-building wooden housing estate in Montreal, using Siparila facade panels. In recent years, Siparila panels have also been used to build large timber housing developments in Scotland and the Netherlands.

For further information:
Juha Sojakka, Managing Director
Siparila Oy 044 333 4610

Jukka Sutelainen, Managing Director
US Wood Oy 0400 859 563

Siparila is a family-owned company established in 2003 that manufactures exterior cladding panels, interior panels and mouldings, as well as adhesive sheeting for the trade and construction industries. Siparila aims to contribute to the well-being of builders by manufacturing fully pre-finished wood products for construction and renovation. All Siparila products are manufactured in Finland. Siparila's factories are located in Vaajakoski, Parkano and Kajaani. Siparila employs 100 wood professionals and has a turnover of EUR 20 million. Siparila exports its products to countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, England, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Germany.

US Wood is a family-owned company specialising in the manufacture and surface treatment of exterior cladding boards and panels. US Wood has been growing profitably and actively developing its wood products surface treatment expertise for over 20 years. The company processes more than 25 000 cubic metres of sawn timber per year and has a turnover of EUR 10 million. US Wood Oy has a factory in Kouvola and employs 25 people.