The choice of interior design materials can support a sense of well-being

It doesn't matter what kind of walls and floors we spend our days surrounded by. According to a recent study, the use of wood surfaces in interior design can clearly increase people's well-being. Wooden materials soothe the mind and body, boost good moods and reduce negative emotions such as stress and fatigue.

International studies have found that wood surfaces used indoors have clear regenerative effects. Wood calms the human body in many ways. Wooden furniture has been shown to lower blood pressure and pulse rates and reduce levels of stress hormones, among other things. Participants in studies have described wood surfaces as cosy, soothing and warming. It's about the overall effect, which has many dimensions.

- Wood has very many and surprising health benefits. Long known for its acoustic excellence, the psychological, tactile and olfactory benefits of wood have now been discovered. People find the smell of wood pleasant and soothing. The scent also releases antibacterial substances into the indoor air, which have a beneficial effect on indoor air quality," says Marjut Wallenius, PhD, associate professor of psychophysics, who has studied the psychophysical effects of wooden surfaces.  

Wallenius points out that even a small amount of wood could have a positive impact on the atmosphere of a space.

- The whole building or all surfaces do not have to be made of wood. Wood could be used as interior materials, for example in concrete buildings. By favouring wood materials, spaces can be made more comfortable and healthy.

Demand for modern wood surfaces on the rise

Wooden interiors bring a piece of nature to people. Wooden interiors have recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. This has also been noticed by Siparila Oy, whose modern and easy-to-install interior panels have become very popular. Now, genuine natural materials are being used to bring warmth and comfort to corporate headquarters, hotel rooms and cafés. For example, the three-dimensional Vire panel made from ash used at last year's housing fair has been a popular choice not only for homes but also as a hotel accent wall and bed headboard.

- Since 2003, Siparila's mission has been to bring wood back to the surfaces of homes and public spaces in a modern way, while improving people's quality of life. We want to develop real wood surfaces as an alternative to wallpaper and paint. The results of research on the well-being effects of wood give us additional impetus to achieve our mission," says Laura Sojakka, Marketing Director at Siparila.    

Siparila actively monitors wood-related research and development and uses this information in product development.

- Healthy and non-toxic surfaces have been our number one priority from the start. We always use water-based surface treatments that are safe for humans and nature. It is also important to find attractive shapes and shades that are suitable for wood. Wood is a living material, branches and variations in wood density and direction sometimes pose challenges in product development," says Sojakka.

When properly treated, wood surfaces breathe, acting as heat and moisture balancers and improving indoor air quality. This is because wood materials naturally absorb and release moisture according to the prevailing conditions.

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