This year's Pori Housing Fair will feature crisp white and elegant contrasts in wood. The fair is also a great opportunity to see Siparila's panels on site. Our panels have been used in these three stunning locations - take a look at the tips for the fair and get to know the products in more detail. You can also send us a request for quotation using the form at the bottom of the page.

Site 3: River mussel, apartment G

The sauna is the sanctuary of Finnish everyday life and celebration. There are nowadays many different options for decorating your sauna, instead of the traditional tar-plank panel. However, people are used to seeing very traditional straight-edged panels in the sauna. This year, in the case of the Riverside Impala project, the sauna was decorated with a three-dimensional VIRE panel and a smooth HAAPA sauna panel. The wavy shape of the VI RE panel adds vibrancy and character alongside the delicate white HAAPA sauna panel. The translucent white finished sauna panel lets nature run wild as the heart of the sauna and the tonal variations of the surface wood play harmoniously on the ceiling and back wall. White, muted aspen on the walls and ceilings soothes the atmosphere of the space.

Site 25: Jetta house / KodinTerra

It's definitely worth a visit to admire the elegant dining space. The flat white surface is enlivened by a grey wall with grey trim to challenge the flatness of the white surfaces. The thick strips on the flat grey panel surface are at once an inelegant yet elegant decorative element that adds character to the space. In the utility room, VIRE panels are used to decorate the ceiling and the space between. Natural birch adds warmth to the white cabinets. The VIRE panel is sauna-proof, which protects the wood from dirt and water.

The bedroom also has some lovely ideas for woodcarvers. All three different KOO panel shapes are combined in a black bed headboard. The translucent black allows the birch surface to delicately shine through while the whales play on the wood surface as the panelling progresses.

Spot 24: Villa Sun

The kitchen is one of the most central spaces in the home. The kitchen should be functional and comfortable. In this crisp white kitchen, the sun shines even in the autumn rains. A wide panel with a narrow open seam between the panels nicely emphasises the linearity, which continues in a different section of the white kitchen cabinets. A moisture-resistant, matt KASTE interior panel was installed on all the ceilings in the project. Wood as a roofing material helps to create a pleasant acoustic and, as a large pore, the health benefits of wood for indoor air are also most significant.

Villa Sun is a semi-detached house where the white theme has not been broken in the second half. The ceilings are decorated with STRUCTURAL panels, whose jagged surface adds softness and naturalness to the smooth stone surfaces. The STRUKTUURI panel is 176 mm wide, which makes paneling quick, and the end-jointing of the panels allows for smooth and unobtrusive continuations over large surfaces. The light rails are also easy to install in the open joints between the panels. In high ceilings in stone houses, echo is often a problem. In this space, acoustics have been improved with the three-dimensional VIRE panel, which panels the main wall. The white VIRE panel is also ideal for playing with lights and shadows.

The right interior panel for every need

Wood is a versatile interior design material that can be used to build eye-catching bed headboards, to create effect walls or to combine the interior design of a space by choosing a natural roofing material. Have you already thought about where you would use interior panels made of real wood? Contact us using the form below!