Siparila Oy, which operates in Vaajakoski, Parkano and Kajaani, has been awarded the Design from Finland label for its long-term design work in wood paneling.Since the early 2000s, Siparila has used architects and later designers to design its wood panels and has developed products made of Finnish wood that are used to bring comfort and warmth to corporate offices, hotel rooms and cafés.

When the development of the panels began, the time was not right for decorating with wood. Yellowed pine panels had become a thing of the past, and real wood as a decorative material was not attractive. The first shaped product came about by chance, when interior architect Kari Lappalainen was looking for a manufacturer for his own product idea.

- The idea was to make stiff panels, which would be lightened by the rhomboidal effect created by the moulding. Lappalainen also wanted to be able to combine three different panels. This is how the knockout panels were born, recalls Juha Sojakka, Managing Director.

After that, collaboration with designers took off. Ristomatti Ratia designed the three-dimensional Vire panel for Siparila, which has now been seen in hotels, cafés and even corporate headquarters in recent years. However, the use of wood in interior design was not self-evident in Finland. Even Siparila considered discontinuing its entire interior design range in 2010 because there seemed to be no demand for the products.

- We owe a great debt of gratitude to the Finnish interior designers, interior decorators and architects who dared to use wood for interior design. The newspapers and social media started to circulate ideas for different wood furnishings, which boosted product sales. The long-term cooperation was now rewarded with the Design from Finland label," says Sojakka.

Ease of nailing instead of gluing, next up base / coverboard

Traditionally, wood has been seen as a roofing material for detached houses, but Siparila has taken it upon itself to bring wood panels to the wall surfaces of apartment buildings and public spaces. To this end, the company has developed PALA panels, which can be easily transported in narrow stairwells and glued to the wall, and can also be used to create herringbone or brickwork patterns. The use of light birch as a raw material for the panels has also attracted interest abroad.

- Siparila's next project is about finishing skirting and cover lists, for which we are looking for a suitable designer to air dusty list collections, reveals Sojakka.

Design from Finland brand manager Johanna Lahti is proud of the new brand owner and praises Siparila's persistent work and design expertise.

- "Traditional industry will improve its position in the global market enormously by investing in design," Lahti says.

Siparila's KOO and VIRE furnishing panels can be seen at the Woodnotes, Arabia, Lundia and Lapua Kankurei stands at Habitare2018.

For more information:

Juha Sojakka, CEO, Siparila Oy,, tel. 044 333 4610

Brand Manager Johanna Lahti, Association for Finnish Work,, tel. 040 591 6143

The Association for Finnish Work works to ensure that Finnish work is valued more highly and that Finnish work is successful. It manages the Key Flag, Design from Finland and Socially Responsible Company labels, influences purchasing decisions and challenges the world of work to reform. The Federation is a community of values with more than 3 900 corporate and community members. The Design from Finland label communicates the origin of unique Finnish design and highlights the importance of Finnish intangible work for Finland's success and employment. More than 470 labels have been awarded.

Siparila Oy is a Finnish family business founded in 2003 that manufactures exterior and interior cladding panels, mouldings and glue boards made of real wood for homes and public spaces. Siparila develops time and cost-saving solutions for wood builders by making wood products in factories, fully finished with surface treatment. Siparila's customers include building companies, hardware stores, architects and self-builders. Siparila's factories are located in Vaajakoski, Parkano and Kajaani. Siparila employs 100 woodworking professionals and has a turnover of EUR 20 million. Siparila exports its products to countries such as Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada.