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VALMIS NURKKA -corner moulding

Finished and stylishly wide protection for exterior cladding

Traditional wider corner mouldings are quickly installed with VALMIS NURKKA -corner mouldings. VALMIS NURKKA -mouldings are pre-glued corner boards that do not peel off over time like unglued corner boards.

VALMIS NURKKA -mouldings are carefully primed and painted once on three sides with topcoat. The pre-painting on the exterior corner mouldings protects the wood during the construction phase and gives the final result a finished look. A pre-painted list also uses less paint and speeds up the painting process during the finishing phase of the building.  

VALMIS NURKKA -mouldings are fixed by nailing from the outer side and must be top-coated once more to ensure long-term durability.

Siparila's softwood exterior cladding and thermally modified panels are verified with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) environmental report. An EPD is a standardized environmental statement based on a product's life cycle analysis, which considers all the product's environmental effects, from raw material acquisition to final disposal.

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