Well planned is half done - material choices affect the smoothness of cottage construction

There are many requirements for a modern cottage, and there's no point in losing your nerve during a building project – high-quality materials that are easy to install are the first step to a successful outcome. All the tips in this article suit new builds and renovations.

The summer cottage is a substantial part of Finnish culture – a place to spend leisure time and get away from it all, to relax and enjoy Finland's short summer. Although some cottages are used all year round, summers are the golden age for them, and their importance to Finns cannot be overstated. Finnish cottage plots are traditionally forest plots, and many people also crave a private beach. This gives them a direct view of the sea, lake, or pond, and they can swim and fish directly from their yard.

Whether it's a small sauna cottage or a large log cabin, wood is the perfect material for a cottage. Wood is a material with many possibilities and can be used in various ways, both inside and outside the place. Wood adds softness to the interior, but it can also be used to create contrasts and contribute to the sense of space in a small place, for example.

Exterior cladding and terrace require not only elegance but also durability

Exterior cladding and terraces are the first impression of a cottage and add to the elegance and comfort of the yard. Whether your cottage is in a woodland setting, by a lake, or somewhere else, it's worth giving your building the exterior cladding it deserves. Exterior cladding products must also withstand varying weather conditions because, despite its name, a summer cottage must also be able to cope with cold and wet seasons.

Our TOPCOAT exterior cladding panels offer endless possibilities – different profiles, various color options, and widths ensure your cottage will look how you want it to. TOPCOAT panels are suitable for vertical and horizontal cladding and, when pre-finished, save time, effort, and material during installation. In addition, the hidden fastening system ensures that the cladding looks neat and tidy from the moment it is installed.

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A cottage is often topped off with a terrace to make the most of Finland's short summer. Thermodeck thermally modified terrace board combines a stylish appearance with excellent durability and less surface cracking than usual. Like exterior cladding, terrace must withstand all weather conditions, and Thermodeck is up to the challenge. Thermodeck is available in both concealed fastening and top-mounted versions.

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The right interior panel supports the vision and speeds up the building project

Traditional Finnish cottages are used to seeing a lot of wooden surfaces, and even the most modern approach includes wood in the choice of materials. Wood brings many possibilities to interior design, and even in cottage conditions, the materials can be used to create a great deal of atmosphere and support spatial solutions.

Siparila's STRUKTUURI interior design panel is a multifunctional interior panel that many have chosen for use in cottages. The advantages of the STRUKTUURI panel are that it can be used in both dry and wet areas, which means that the same panel can be used in different shades for both the cottage interior and the sauna, for example.

STRUKTUURI is available in a wide range of colors:

  • black
  • pearl grey
  • pearl brown
  • white
  • sand.

STRUKTUURI is an impressive wide panel of glued spruce that holds its shape well. Five ready-made colors allow the panel to be used in various ways. Thanks to the hidden fastening system and end-jointing, the panel is quick to install and efficient regarding material waste.

The one-off surface finish gives the interior panel an unparalleled advantage, as the panel does not require painting before and after installation. By not spending time protecting other surfaces from paint and waiting for the paint to dry, the project is completed faster, and the finished cottage can be enjoyed sooner.

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