Create an on-trend sauna ensemble with concealed and fully prefabricated panels

Traditional saunas have given way to modern saunas that crave light and a variety of colors and finishes. Siparila's wide range of panels offers versatile solutions for impressive and trendy sauna ensembles, where durability and a sophisticated appearance go hand in hand. 

In many households, the sauna is a place for relaxation, for spending time alone and together. The more you enjoy your sauna, the more critical its appearance becomes. Traditional and often dark saunas have given way to modern saunas, as people want to bring light and different tones into the space.

Siparila's wide range of panels includes various products suitable for saunas, allowing you to create impressive and trendy sauna ensembles. The products are also concealed fastening for faster installation and improved durability.

Aiming for saunas that are experiential and spectacular

Where saunas used to be floor-to-ceiling panels and a color scheme that matched the ceilings, trends in saunas have changed dramatically. Nowadays, the choice of materials and colors is innovative, which has led to a significant change in the appearance of the sauna. 

Increasingly, people want to see the sauna from the washroom, which is why glass walls have become more common, linking saunas more closely to other wet rooms. As a result, every detail counts because instead of a single glass window, the glass wall reveals the entire sauna's appearance.

You should use interior panels already in the washrooms to make the sauna more experiential and give it a spa feel. For example, using the same roofing material from the bathroom to the sauna makes the overall effect harmonious and impressive.

Siparila's versatile range of panels allows you to create a variety of sauna ensembles. The range adapts to changing trends, with various products suitable for the sauna in multiple materials and colors, which can be combined with the LAUDE wooden sauna bench and LAUDE front board that finishes the ceilings. 

Siparila's wide range of panels can withstand fluctuations in sauna trends

Interior design trends constantly change; the same logic applies to sauna trends. Siparila's product range is resistant to evolving trends, as the range of products suitable for saunas allows for very different solutions. You can create contrasts, play with other surfaces, or emphasize the qualities of wood by choosing a thermally modified product.

The thermally modified panels KASKI, PURO and SOLA bring natural warmth and beautiful shades to the sauna. The heat treatment process enhances the beauty of the wood and makes the panel exceptionally durable and moisture-resistant. Batten-like panels are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, and PURO and SOLA offer the possibility of introducing a batten-like profile into the sauna environment.

Suppose you want to play with contrasts or emphasize the effect of different materials. In that case, other Siparila sauna panels, such as JALO, KOO, KUULAS, VIRE and STRUKTUURI, offer many options. These panels' different textures and shades allow you to create the atmosphere you want in your sauna. For example, the KUULAS sauna panel can add a fresh and modern look to a space, while the STRUKTUURI interior panel creates interesting texture and depth.

Designing and building a sauna does not necessarily have to be about following the latest trends but expressing your personality and creating a space that reflects your preferences. Siparila's high-quality and versatile products offer flexibility and inspiration for sauna design, whether you want a modern, more traditional, or utterly new sauna experience.

Concealed fastening interior panels for a beautiful and durable sauna

Concealed fastening panels can also enhance a sauna's modern look and durability. If you choose to create your sauna entirely with Siparila's products, you don't need to think about the fixing option - all our interior panels are concealed fastening and fully finished. Thanks to the concealed fastening, the panel's surface remains completely nail-free. This makes the surface look stylish and prevents water from seeping into the wood through the nail holes.

In addition to being concealed fastening, our interior panels are also top-coated. This makes installation quick and effortless, as no time is needed on-site to handle the products. Factory-painted panels are always of uniform quality, making it easy to achieve a high-quality finish on every project.

The concealed fastening and fully finished panels and ceilings allow you to build a sauna that looks good and is on trend: when all the details are finalized to perfection, the sauna becomes the jewel in the crown of the washroom. Siparila's wide range of interior panels in various colors and finishes gives you the creative freedom to tailor the look of your sauna to your wishes. 

The panels of a sauna room are not only building materials but also part of the interior design: in addition to a functional space, the sauna can be used to create a visual whole. Siparila's sauna products offer quality and allow you to transform your sauna into a personal and stylish space that fully meets the requirements of a modern and sustainable sauna.

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