The Thermocoat panel gets its beautiful color during heat treatment. Thanks to the treatment, the wood has excellent properties:

  • the dimension of the wood does not change in different temperatures or humidity
  • rot resistance is significantly better compared to any other treatmentexcellent weather resistance
  • excellent weather resistance
  • the panel does not crack under UV light

In thermal modification, the structure of the wood is modified with the help of heat and steam. In a three-step process, the wood is dried and then heated to over 200 degrees. Finally, it is cooled, and some moisture is returned to the wood. The wood shrinks by about 0.8–1.0% thanks to thermal modification, while untreated spruce is up to about 4%. Thermocoat thus does not shrink or expand in heat or humidity and keeps its shape excellently.

The panel is available with a concealed fastening and a top-mounted profile. The panels can be toned with the customer's desired shade of the paint map.

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7.6 m/m²

A pioneer in wood construction

Steel and concrete shake as timber construction takes over in architecturally challenging projects in Finland and abroad


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