The Wooden Hut has been awarded the 2015 Finlandia Prize for Architecture

Siparila's TOPCOAT® panel-clad 8-storey wooden apartment building Puukuokka has been selected as the winner of the 2015 Finlandia Prize for Architecture. The main designer of Puukuokka was architect Anssi Lassila from Oopeaa Architectural Office.

Siparila was responsible for the production and installation of the exterior cladding. According to the Finnish Association of Architects Safa, Puukuokka is a destination that combines affordable housing, wood construction and the promotion of new technologies.

People-orientation and ambitious work as selection criteria

This year's winner was chosen by composer Kaija Saariaho, who justifies her choice with the following words: "The winner of this year's award, Puukuoka, combines things that I value both in architecture and in life: it is a daring and ambitious work, which includes research into new building technologies, proximity to people, the pursuit of ecological solutions and improving the quality of human life."

Saariaho considers all five nominated sites to be interesting, beautiful and elegant buildings with well-researched solutions. In the end, the reasoning behind his choice was holistic: "I chose a building that intuitively appeals to me and matches my aspirations and values. A visit to the home of the occupant and his opinion on the superiority of the comfort and acoustics of the dwelling were convincing. I myself felt an intimate atmosphere when I entered. The large windows of the spacious staircase offer a view of the forest in different directions. The wooden classroom was the building where I felt most comfortable with all my senses."

Completed in November 2014, Puukuokka is the first 8-storey wooden apartment building in Finland. Cooperation with the City of Jyväskylä in the planning process has significantly contributed to the development of an ecological and energy-efficient solution. The client and developer has been Lakea Oy.

TOPCOAT® fire retardant cladding for faster and better protection

The façades of the wooden deck have been made with Siparila's TOPCOAT® concealed cladding panel, installed on site by Siparila's Woodworks installation service. For the external cladding, fire-resistant TOPCOAT® external cladding panels have been used, achieving the highest fire class B-s1, d0 for the building.

The dark speaking modern and stylish exterior cladding is Siparila's TOPCOAT® in 28 mm thickness and 145 mm width. The three sides of the floor are treated in a dark tone and the fourth side is finished with larch, left in its natural state, which in time will patinate elegantly bringing a grey tone to the surface.

Finlandia Prize for Architecture raises the profile of architecture

The Finlandia Prize for Architecture is awarded for the design or renovation of a significant new building or group of buildings completed in the last three years. The prize can be awarded either for work designed in Finland by a Finnish or foreign architect or architectural practice, or for work designed abroad by a Finnish architect or architectural practice.

The aim of the award is to raise the profile of creative and high-quality architecture and to highlight the cultural value and well-being of architecture. For Finnish timber construction, such an award sends a very positive message about its potential and value.

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