Fire classification requirements for wooden facades are getting tighter - Siparila is ready for the challenges

The fire rating requirements for wooden facades became stricter with the November 2023 regulation. Siparila's products also comply with the new requirements.

On 10 November 2023, the European Commission adopted a delegated regulation (C(2023)7486) amending Commission Decision 2006/213/EC. The new regulation defines the requirements for the reaction-to-fire classification of wooden claddings, panels, and ribbon elements, demanding initial type testing for all treated and modified wood products. 

In future, all processed wood products must be manufactured in accordance with the AVCP-3 system. This update is a major step forward for the construction industry as it redefines the measures of safety and durability of wood products.

"Over the past two years, we have tested all our surface treatment combinations to ensure we can continue offering our customers D-rated products. This has done much work, but conversely, the result is that construction is safer than before,"  says Juha Sojakka, CEO of Siparila.

Safety and fire resistance come first in the future

Siparila responds to regulatory changes by offering exterior cladding panels that meet the D-s2, d0 fire rating in all different treatment classes, from primed to fully finished. The products have undergone initial testing according to the AVCP-3 classification system to ensure safe construction in the future.

Our exterior cladding panels meet safety standards and offer a durable and visually pleasing option for various construction projects. Extensive color and surface treatment options enable the creation of personal and distinctive facades. We are ready to face new challenges and offer the best solutions in this new legislative context.

Responsibility and environmental friendliness are a significant part of our operations

Although safety and aesthetics are vital to Siparila's products, their environmental effects are also relevant. We have considered the principles of sustainable development in all our activities so that we can strive to reduce our carbon footprint and use renewable resources.

This approach strengthens Siparila's commitment not only to the present but also to the needs of future generations. You can check the carbon negativity of our products in the environmental statements. For example, all Siparila softwood exterior cladding and thermally modified panels are certified with the EPD environmental label.

We are committed to preserving the environment and protecting biodiversity, which is done by following strict forest certification standards, such as PEFC certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). With these commitments, we ensure that our wood procurement meets the highest sustainable development standards. This commitment extends to all our operations, ensuring that all the wood we use comes from legal and ethically sourced sources.

We strive towards a more sustainable future by improving energy efficiency and adopting more environmentally friendly practices in all our production processes. This way we can be part of the future of more sustainable wood construction.

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