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TOPCOAT®-S exterior cladding

Fully painted cladding

TOPCOAT®-S exterior cladding panel is suitable for vertical cladding. The fully painted panel speeds up construction and, thanks to the concealed nailing of the panels, the only step in the construction process is installation. This makes TOPCOAT® cladding panels ideal for winter construction. The panels are also end-jointed, which allows for flexible extensions and saves material during installation. TOPCOAT® cladding is ideal as a façade material for both terraced houses and new buildings.

TOPCOAT® panels are particularly suitable for on-site paneling. TOPCOAT® exterior cladding panels are fixed with staples. The staples together with the profile enable concealed fixing making the surface completely intact after installation. Be sure to order starter hooks with the panels so that the facade is completely nail-free.

TOPCOAT®-S exterior cladding panels are always made to order.

  • Product ID
  • Thickness
  • Material from
  • Colour
  • Product code: TC23x120UTS
  • Thickness: 23/28 mm
  • Material: -
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TC23x145UTS
  • Thickness: 23/28 mm
  • Material: -
  • Colour : -
  • Product code: TC23x170UTS
  • Thickness: 23/28 mm
  • Material: -
  • Colour : -

Open joint

8 mm




Concealed fastening


10.00 m/m² (120 mm), 8.00 m/m² (145 mm), 6.66 m/m² (170 mm)

Sales unit



100 mm (120 mm), 125 mm (145 mm), 150 mm (170 mm)

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